When I was the editor at Theory Magazine, I enjoyed interviewing local artists and writing about it. It’s important for artists to learn from one another.

I have always been an appreciator, and creator of art. Being an artist informs all aspects of my work. I take the title very seriously, but sometimes I just want to make things that look cool. My work has been shown in galleries and group shows. Sometimes I actually sell things.

Memory Boards

Mixed Media Collage - 2016

An ongoing personal project consisting of a series of 6″ by 9″ collages. The materials used are from boxes of memorabilia and random scraps that I have saved over the years. Each board represents a certain time period of my life.


Graphite on Wood - 2013

A 2′ by 4′ pencil illustration on wood panel showing an distorted arial view of downtown Boston.


Large Scale Relief Prints - 2012

A series of ten unique 4′ by 8′ prints. The medium is layers of acrylic paint printed by hand onto roofing tar paper.